The Hand of Man Art & Craft Sale is held every last full weekend in October at the Morrow Building in Peterborough, Ontario.



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Anushka and Arushi are Award-Winning child authors. Anushka published her first book, "The Adventures of Anushka", at the age of 8, and Arushi, "Arushi's Amazing World", at the age of 6.

Over the past three years, they have published 16 books, including

"My First Picture Book", ''Learn with Anushka and Arushi", ''The Magical Journey",

''The Secret of the Enchanted Forest", and "Fun with Activities"!

What led Anushka to become an author? It was her profound love for reading! From the age

of two, she immersed herself in books, devouring over 1,000 of them every year.

Her passion for reading has not only shaped her into an author but has also inspired

countless young readers to dream big. Anushka has shared her love for literature through

school author visits and sessions, guiding other children in their writing journeys.

Arushi was inspired by her older sister. The author sisters are prolific writers and active philanthropists in their community. They donate a portion of their proceeds to charitable organizations like the Durham Children's Aid Association.

 The Guild's goal is to provide the public with a sale of quality, handcrafted items designed, created, and produced by the exhibitor. The Guild is a non-profit organization that donates to charities on a yearly basis. The charities chosen are geared toward people in need, and we have been giving to local charities since 1975.

The Peterborough Guild of Arts & Crafts was formed in 1975 and will be celebrating its 47th show in 2024. The Guild was founded by a group of artisans who made items by hand, and that is how the name, 'The Hand of Man Art & Craft Sale' came to be. 

As the popularity of the show grew, so did the artisans, making this the largest and longest-running yearly art & craft sale in Peterborough and the surrounding area.

Because of the wide variety of products offered for sale, the show is a must-see destination for people not only from the Peterborough area but for many out-of-town people. 

We are proud to support our community and proceeds from admission fees have been donated to the following charities:

We are a juried show and all applications are considered by the high quality products they offer and will be juried accordingly by category.​